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Hack the Dinos

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The Hack the Dinos challenge was a 24-hour solution-building event produced by AMNH's BridgeUP: STEM educational program. This event involved 25 teams who built 25 working prototypes, and worked with the museum's Division of Paleontology to create new tools and explore new technologies, helping to advance paleontology and working for the benefit of museums, galleries, libraries, and cultural institutions around the world (OpenGLAM).

All the projects are available as open source, open science projects licensed for any use on GitHub: https://github.com/amnh/HackTheDinos/wiki

This program is part of BridgeUP: STEM, a new initiative educating youth and the public about cutting edge computing in scientific research and science communication. BridgeUP: STEM is generously supported by a grant from the Helen Gurley Brown Trust.