Fascinating lectures, debates, events, and programs on scientific and cultural topics that range from the fossil-hunting to climate change.

Upcoming Offerings

Identification Day

Identification Day

June 16, 2018

Bring your shells, rocks, insects, feathers, bones, and artifacts to the annual Identification Day.

LeFrak Theater

Science Throwdown: Sea vs. Land

June 19, 2018

On the ground or into the deep—which is more compelling, intriguing, and inspiring? Join comedian and journalist Faith Salie for a lively discussion about the pros and cons of sea or land across a range of categories.

Past Offerings

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April 22, 2018

Renowned artists and scholars join Museum scientists in behind the scenes tours, vibrant performances, and critical conversations focused on sustaining the beautiful planet we call home.

mande holford and mercer brugler

Randy Cohen: Person Place Thing

March 29, 2018

Randy Cohen records an episode of his popular podcast Person Place Thing with two Museum scientists who conduct cutting-edge marine research.

aurora borealis

Sun-Earth Day

March 24, 2018

Explore the special relationship between Earth and the Sun and learn about the delicate balance that makes our planet the perfect place to call home. 

visualization of sun interacting with earth's magnetosphere

Aurora and Eclipse in 3D

March 24, 2018

From eclipses to the aurora borealis, beautiful interactions between our Sun and Earth have captivated curious minds for millennia. Join scientists as they explain these phenomena and the science behind them.