Exploration Stations

Look at Museum collections, talk with scientists, and engage in hands-on activities.

Form and Function—Work together to reconstruct an 18-foot pilot whale skeleton to understand the relationships between form and function with the Chewonki Foundation.

Meet the Experts—Ask experts about their experiences working with marine animals.

The Futuristic Flipper—Get an up-close look at new technology inspired by the humpback whale, and Manta ray.

Museum Collections—Examine a variety of flippers and fins from the Museum’s collection. 

Touch Tank—Touch live marine animals to explore how each has a very different way of moving with the Center for Aquatic Sciences. 

Mammal Flip(per) Book—Why do dolphins swim differently than fish? Create a fun flipbook to explore how this mammal moves.

Ocean Puppet Pals —Explore with puppetry how jellyfish move through water with Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy.