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After-Hours Programs Primate Palate: Orangutans, Obesity, and Human Evolution Dr. Erin Vogel shares her research on wild orangutans from the tropical forests of Sumatra and Borneo, illuminating how the d... After-Hours Programs Ocean Locomotion: Bioinspiration from the Sea Marine biologist Frank Fish studies the unique ways marine animals move underwater, and uses this knowledge to inspire new en... After-Hours Programs Seeing Is Believing Neuroscientist Marisa Carrasco explores how our minds process sensory inputs to make sense of the world around us and shape w... After-Hours Programs Trilobite Takedown Join Assistant Curator Melanie Hopkins as she unlocks the early evolution of animals using trilobites as the key. After-Hours Programs SciCafe: The Power of Poop Gastroenterologist Ari Grinspan talks about how to maintain gut health and the exciting future of fecal transplants. After-Hours Programs Biodiversity and the Sixth Extinction Earth is losing biological diversity at an unprecedented rate. Curator Joel Cracraft presents the evidence, drawing from his... After-Hours Programs Are We Alone in the Universe? Astrophysicist Lisa Kaltenegger explores how we can use our own planet and its wide range of species as a Rosetta Stone to de... After-Hours Programs Humans and Conflicts with Bears: Oh My! Conservation scientist Rae Wynn-Grant offers insights into black bear behavior and ecology and shares tips on what humans can... After-Hours Programs Exercise Your Brain Join neuroscientist Wendy A. Suzuki for an interactive discussion about how the brain changes in response to its environment. After-Hours Programs Ghost Snake Stories in Madagascar Join herpetologist and Museum Curator Frank Burbrink on a journey to the remote forests of Madagascar, where his team recentl... After-Hours Programs Stress and Human Evolution Biological anthropologist Zaneta Thayer explores the biological mechanisms through which early life stress influences biology... After-Hours Programs The Search for Slow Lorises Join Mary Blair, primatologist and Director of Biodiversity Informatics Research at the Center for Biodiversity and Conservat... After-Hours Programs When Insects Get Intimate Just in time for Valentine’s Day, behavioral ecologist Marlene Zuk examines the bedroom lives of bugs, showing how six-legge... After-Hours Programs SciCafe: Modifying Mosquitoes with CRISPR CRISPR gene editing is widely used by biologists as the DNA programming tool of choice to alter the genome of organisms and e...