The Evolution of the Human Mind

Part of SciCafe

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Monochrome photo of a chimpanzee Credit: Photo by Ishara Kasthuriarachchi from Pexels
This program is cancelled. The Museum is temporarily closed to maintain health and safety, but please check back for updates about reopening, at which time our Central Reservations team will be happy to assist with refunds.

Where does humans' ability to make decisions originate? How did humans evolve to possess extraordinary cognitive abilities? Alexandra Rosati, an assistant professor of anthropology and psychology at the University of Michigan, addresses questions like these by studying the cognition of a variety of primates populations, including apes, monkeys, and lemurs. By comparing how different species think, she looks for revealing clues about the origins of our psychological abilities such as memory and decision-making.

SciCafe: The Evolution of the Human Mind is presented in collaboration with The Leakey Foundation. Presented in collaboration with the Sackler Brain Bench, part of the Sackler Educational Laboratory for Comparative Genomics and Human Origins.