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Humans and Conflicts with Bears: Oh My!

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Black bear standing on two legs reaching into a dumpster

Black bears are generalists who can survive and thrive in many ecosystems across North America. This very adaptability means their habitats often overlap with our own communities, driving conflicts between humans and bears. Conservation scientist Rae Wynn-Grant offers insights into black bear behavior and ecology and shares tips on what humans can do to improve relations with our ursine neighbors.

This SciCafe took place on October 4, 2017. Listen to the full program in this podcast, or watch a video version here:

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About the Speaker

Rae Wynn Grant

Rae Wynn-Grant is a conservation science research and teaching postdoctoral fellow with the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and the Education Department at the American Museum of Natural History. As a conservation biologist, her work explores the influence of human activity on large carnivore ecology, using spatial modeling techniques to investigate these relationships. Wynn-Grant is currently studying the impacts of human activity on landscape use, habitat suitability, and habitat connectivity of black bears in the Western Great Basin.

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