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CRISPR gene editing is widely used by biologists as the DNA programming tool of choice to alter the genome of organisms and even populations. By changing the DNA of mosquitoes, we could prevent them from reproducing—potentially eradicating them completely. But is that something we should actually want to see? Join Rockefeller University professor Leslie Vosshall as she demonstrates what is—and what will be—possible.

This SciCafe event occurred on January 4, 2017. Hear the full program in this podcast, or watch a version here:

Headshot of Leslie Voshall, Robin Chemers Neustein Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior at The Rockefeller University.

About the Speaker

Leslie Vosshall is the Robin Chemers Neustein Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior at The Rockefeller University, and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Her main scientific research is to understand the genetic basis of behavior, with particular emphasis on how organisms perceive and respond to external sensory stimuli and how these responses are modulated by the internal physiological state of the animal.

Listen in on the podcast here!

Read More

  • Watch Leslie Vosshall’s TedX Salon talk on mosquitoes.
  • View an animation that depicts the CRISPR-Cas9 method for genome editing.
  • Read an article from The Rockefeller University on mastering the gene editing technique in mosquito that transmits deadly diseases.
  • A feature in Harvard Magazine on the promise, and possible perils, of a new genetic tool.
  • Read a New York Times article about a team of rival scientists the come together to fight Zika.

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