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fossil of trilobite paradoxides gracilis

Whether you revel in their many Paleozoic permutations, view them as bizarre remnants of a distant time, or are a devotee of #TrilobiteTuesday, there’s no denying that trilobites are fascinating. These fossil arthropods were among the first animals to show up in large numbers in the fossil record, and they lived for almost 300 million years before going extinct. Join Assistant Curator Melanie Hopkins as she unlocks the early evolution of animals using trilobites as the key.

This SciCafe occured on February 7, 2018. Hear the full talk in this episode of the [email protected] podcast, or watch a video version below:


About the Speaker

Melanie Hopkins
Melanie Hopkins is an assistant curator in the Division of Paleontology. 

Dr. Melanie Hopkins is assistant curator in the Division of Paleontology at the Museum. Dr. Hopkins’s research focuses on the study of morphological evolution in the fossil record. She is interested in the quantification and analysis of complex morphology; analysis of within-lineage tempo and mode of evolution; the influence of covariation and ontogenetic variation on the long-term evolution of lineages; the interaction between morphological change and environmental change; and the importance of scale and hierarchy in understanding long-term patterns of evolutionary change and the processes underlying them.

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