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AstroDiscoveries: The Solar System Pre-K (Ages 3 and 4)

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Local Solar System

AstroDiscoveries: The Solar System
Earth may be our home, but it is just one part of our solar system. Discover the differences between the rocky and gaseous planets that orbit the Sun as you take a trip through space to learn about our nearest neighbors. 

Pre-K (Ages 3 and 4) - Sunday or Tuesday Workshop
**Please Note: These workshops are designed for a one-on-one caregiver and child interaction. If multiple children are registered to attend a workshop (e.g., twins, other siblings, cousins), there must be one adult for each child. Children who are not registered for the program may not attend.**

Three Sundays
January 27, February 3 and 10
10:30 am–noon | $140 ($125 Members)


Three Tuesdays
January 22, 29 and February 5
9:30-11 am | $140 ($125 Members)