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Explorers: Science Selections (Grades 4 and 5) - April School Break Camps

Part of Adventures in Science Classes

Tuesday - Friday
April 3 - 6
9 am - 4 pm | Each Day: $125 ($115 Members)

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In this survey of the sciences, campers will participate in investigative projects exploring concepts in different fields of research every day. Learn how to look at the world through the eyes of a scientist, for one or two days or the whole week!

Tuesday — AstroExplorers: Solar System Shake-up
Much more than eight planets and a star, our solar system holds billions of remnants from its turbulent beginning. Travel from our moon’s craters to the icy comets of the Kuiper Belt to unravel the origins of our cosmic neighborhood.

Wednesday — AstroExplorers: ArchaeoAstronomy
From Stonehenge to the Aztec sundials, ancient peoples looked to the heavens for guidance and inspiration. Discover the roles of the celestial bodies and events in the lives of ancient peoples.

Thursday — AnthroExplorers: Walk This Way
Humans are one of the few animals adapted to life on only two feet. Investigate the structures in our body that make this possible, the first times that these features appeared in the fossil record, and the role it played in our evolution.

Friday — BioExplorers: A Tree Full of Primates
While some primates live and play in trees, they also make up a huge part of our own family tree! Learn about the diversity of our closest living relatives, and what separates a lemur from a gibbon from an orangutan.

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