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Family Programs Celebrating Cephalopods Cephalopods like octopuses and squids have fascinated humans for millennia. Learn more about these marine marvels through performances,...   Immersive Dome Experience: The Jelly Dome Dive into the world of jellies through an immersive video presentation and experience a day in the life of these astonishing animals. Family Programs Amazing Amazon Try hands-on activities, meet scientists, see live animals, and experience dynamic performances in this family-friendly science festival. Family Programs Prehistoric Ocean Dwellers Try hands-on activities, meet scientists, and experience dynamic performances in this family-friendly science festival.   Beneath the Ice: Immersive Dome Installation This immersive dome experience showcases a surprising and visually stunning array of marine life that flourishes on, around, and... Programs and Events Ocean Locomotion Discover more about ocean mammals in motion with performances, live animals, and presentations from marine biologists. Programs and Events Water World: Immersive Dome Experience Take a ride through the solar system and gain a new perspective on our home planet, a unique world colored ocean blue.   Sea Turtles Learn more about these resilient aquatic creatures and the conservation efforts in place to protect them. The event includes a live...   Incredible Oceans The Milstein Science Series examines the life cycles and adaptability of the oceans’ most unique creatures. Programs and Events Sharks One of the sea's most misunderstood animals, sharks have inhabited the oceans for 400 million years. Learn more about these fascinating... Programs and Events Capturing the Ocean's Glow Discover a rich underwater world of glowing reefs and fishes in this short film featuring spectacular footage shot with experimental... Programs and Events Poseidon’s Poisons and Marine Medicines This program connected to the Museum’s exhibition The Power of Poison, includes scientific presentations, Q&As, activity stations...