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Weird Anatomy of An Octopus

Learn all about the unique anatomy of an octopus in this video featuring Rich Ross, senior aquarium biologist at the California Academy of Sciences.


Octopus Anatomy

Most of us are fascinated by the overall anatomy of the Octopus. Well known for a very large head and eight arms, it is able to move around the water with speed and grace.


Over-Sized Anatomy of the Giant Squid 

Dr. Clyde Roper discusses the fascinating anatomy of the giant squid (Architeuthis dux) in this excerpt of "Eyeball to Eyeball".


The Extraordinary Octopus Brain

An octopus is a lot brainier than you might imagine. They can complete puzzles, untie knots, open jars, and are expert escape artists from aquariums. 

Anatomy of a Cuttlefish

One of the most mystifying creatures, the cuttlefish, can change its appearance, jet away at great speeds, and even shoot out a smoke screen of ink. How does the cuttlefish accomplish all this? 


The Talented Mimic Octopus 

Discovered in 1998, the mimic octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) can parrot not just one but several toxic sea creatures. It’s the first animal of any kind known to shift between multiple imitations, a talent called dynamic mimicry.


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