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Meet the Experts

Ask your questions, hear stories about field research, and learn what it takes to be a paleontologist. 


Museum Collections

Examine a variety of prehistoric aquatic specimens from the Museum’s collections. 


Size and Scale

Experience the size and scale of prehistoric creatures with the Chewonki Foundation, and see how they compare to modern marine animals.



Sharks have lived in Earth’s oceans for 450 million years. Explore the adaptations of these unique creatures with the New York Aquarium and New York Seascape.


How Fossils Form

Learn about the process of fossilization, and create your own fossil model of a prehistoric marine animal to take home.


Dig Pit

Pick up the tools of a paleontologist, and dig through a model of an ancient seabed. 


Touch Tank

Get up-close with several ocean species that existed during the time of dinosaurs, and can still be found today. Led by the Maritime Aquarium.


Coral Reefs

• Meet the Experts: Noon and 2:30 pm
• Live Crocodiles: 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm
• Prehistoric Puppet Performances: 2 pm and 4 pm


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