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Exploration Stations

Look at Museum collections, talk with scientists, and engage in hands-on activities.

Field Station- Try on polar clothing, and get a glimpse into a typical campsite to see what it takes to work safely in the harsh conditions of the world’s coldest, highest and driest continent.

Immersive Dome- Take a deep dive into the arctic waters to explore a hidden world under the ice in this immersive dome experience.

Storytelling- Author Diane McKnight tells the story of The Lost Seal, describing an encounter with a live seal in a remote region of Antarctica.
Storytelling will be held at 11:30a & 3pm.

Penguin Power- Why would a wild polar bear never eat a penguin? Find out all about about penguins and their amazing adaptations 

Meet the Experts- Interact with experts in the field, and learn more about their recent Antarctic expeditions.

Museum Collections- Examine a variety of Antarctic marine animals from the Museum’s collection.

Create a Polar Creature- Ice floes, katabatic winds, and subzero temperatures—welcome to life in Antarctica. What features would your ideal creature have to thrive in these extreme conditions?

Deep Ocean Drilling- Explore how scientific ocean drilling provides a window into Earth’s past, present, and future. From sampling the ocean floor, we gain tremendous insights into what secrets lie deep beneath the sea.