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Take your family or students to the world's most extreme environment with this curriculum. As they investigate Antarctica, they will also learn about world climate, day and night cycles, ocean circulation, animal adaptation, and scientists working "in the field.”

Antarctica Research Stations
A map, list of locations, and other useful information about science on the cold continent.

The Continent of Antarctica: An Introduction
A quick guide to the fifth-largest and southernmost continent.

Expedition Report: Estefanía Rodríguez in Antarctica
Assistant Curator Estefanía Rodríguez travels to Antarctica to study sea anemones on a ship that serves as a floating field station – and, on which, sometimes getting there is half the adventure.

Finding Life at the Frozen Poles: Antarctica
Biologists have announced many Antarctic discoveries during International Polar Year.

NSF Division of Polar Programs
This page organizes links to all of the pages within the Division of Polar Programs geared towards users who are curious to read about the polar regions.

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
The international group that coordinates Antarctic research.