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Deep Sea Vents Reading List

Part of the Deep Sea Vents Curriculum Collection.

Gantenbein, Douglas. "A Choker for Smokers." Popular Science, November 1998, Vol. 253, Issue 5, p. 31, 1 page.
This short article reports on the collection of black smokers, and the challenges of that undertaking.

Guynup, Sharon. "Undersea Riches." Science World, October 4, 1999. Vol. 56, Issue 3.
This article investigates how the discovery of the mineral deposits that form black smokers may affect the exploration and study of deep sea vent ecosystems. While big business wants the gold, copper, silver, and lead that are found at the vents, environmentalists warn about premature exploitation of this fragile, unexplored biome.

Henricks, Mark. "Deep Sea Detective." Boys' Life, August 1994. Vol. 84, Issue 8, p. 28, 4 pages.
Dive into danger with marine geologist Robert Ballard, a specialist in shipwreck and seafloor exploration. This article follows him from the discovery of the Titanic and the Lusitania to the deep sea vents.

Kunzig, Robert. "Time Zero." Discover, December 1992. Vol. 13, Issue 12, p. 32, 2 pages.
This article investigates changes in the ocean floor over 15 months, particularly the "birth" of a new piece of sea floor at a mid-ocean ridge.

Lawren, B. and D. Kirkland. "Harmon Craig." Omni, August 1990. Vol. 12, Issue 11, p. 58, 8 pages.
This article explores the experiences of geochemist Harmon Craig, who discusses his search for helium 3 gas spots, hydrothermal vents, the colonization of the ocean floor, and its geography and climate.

Sellers, Clay. "Undersea Explorer." National Geographic World, December 1993. Issue 220, p. 10, 3 pages.
Marine geologist Robert Ballard discusses his life in the deep seas, from the Titanic discovery to the deep sea vents-and the plan for an underwater museum!