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Highways Block Bighorn Sheep Graphic Organizer

Part of the Ecology Disrupted Curriculum Collection.

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Highways Block Bighorn Sheep graphic organizer




Before the students begin watching other Science Bulletins, ask them to complete the graphic organizer for Highways Block Bighorn Sheep without watching the Bulletin. This exercise should familiarize the students with the graphic organizers which have the following questions: 

  1. How have people changed the habitat in this example?
  2. Why do people change the habitat? How does it help us?
  3. How do the habitat changes impact populations in this area?
  4. How do you know that the habitat is being changed and that local populations are affected? Describe the evidence or data.
  5. Suggest how to solve this problem.

Solutions Background

Culverts (drain crossings under highways), underpasses, and overpasses specifically made for animals to cross roads unharmed are a strategy to decrease habitat fragmentation. More animals are killed each year in the United States by cars than by any other method.  Wyoming has begun to use culverts to protect deer and elk.  Florida has built wildlife crossings, which are a combination of culverts and fencing to protect endangered Florida Panther populations.  Scientists are studying wildlife crossings to determine whether they are helping species survive.