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Science Explorations is a series of online investigations featuring the latest scientific discoveries of the Museum’s experts. Science Explorations is a collaboration between the Museum and Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, created to promote science literacy among students in grades 3 through 10.

Educator Materials Animal Adaptations Scientists study animals and their environments to learn about the world’s biodiversity. Find out what Darwin learned during his... Educator Materials True Bugs Scientists study insects by observing them in nature and collecting them for further research. Learn their techniques so you can... Educator Materials Space Explore astronomy, meteorites, the Earth, and the forces that make collisions happen Article Giant Squid Investigate the mysterious world of the giant squid—the deep sea. This ocean habitat is home to billions of animals, many relying... Educator Materials Bats Explore the diversity of bats, the only mammals that can fly, with these articles and online investigation. Educator Materials Squamates Squamates—legged and legless lizards, including snakes—are among the most successful vertebrates on Earth, found everywhere but the... Article Jade Hunter (Science World) Jade has been treasured around the world for thousands of years. Travel to Guatemala with an AMNH curator looking for the source... Article Wild Weather Birds (SuperScience) When AMNH scientist Felicity Arengo heads out to observe flamingos in the wild, she needs far more than sunscreen. Travel with her... Article Planet Protectors Earth Day is a good time to reflect on the health of our planet. Museum scientists and Science World readers shared their plans to... Article Scorpions: Friend or Foe? Did you know a scorpion can control how much venom it produces in its stinger? Meet a scientist who's discovered more than 70 species... Article DNA Detective George Amato, a conservation geneticist at the AMNH, studies natural history and endangered species. But when crime threatens rare... Article Wildlife Detective: A Scientist Cracks Cases of Wildlife Crime The crime scene: a New York City airport. The suspect: a handbag and shoe importer who claims his products were made from an unprotected... Article Fossil Finds: A Fossil Find Offers Clues About Ancient Earth's Geography Travel to Seymour Island, Antarctica, with Ross MacPhee, the Museum's curator of the Division of Vertebrate Zoology, as he scours... Article Science World: Mythical Creatures Revealed From fire-breathing dragons to magical unicorns, take a look at four legendary mythical creatures. Then find out what scientists... Article Secret Species (Science World) In the 10 years since the Museum's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation began working in Vietnam, they have found a small zoo's... Article It Wants to Suck Your Blood! (SuperScience) Learn how leeches attack from a researcher whose love of these blood-sucking worms takes him from Madagascar's rain forests to Africa's... Article It Wants to Suck Your Blood (Science World) Did you know that in half an hour a leech can slurp up five times its body weight in blood? Explore these blood-sucking worms and...