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Part of the Young Naturalist Awards Curriculum Collection.

Integrating Science Research Projects into Your Science Curriculum

Below are some resources you might want to use to introduce your students to the process of scientific investigations. These resources are geared towards investigations in the natural world. 


  • Video This video illustrates how one student conducted his investigation and gives students tips for coming up with a research question.
Young Naturalist Awards

Young Naturalist Awards


  • Winning Essays These essays are good examples of student investigations in the natural world. Students can learn what steps go into a successful investigation. The essays will give them ideas on how to conduct their own research. CLICK HERE.


Below are some activities you may find helpful when you introduce students to the process of scientific research.

  • Sharpen Your Observations Skills  An activity designed to have students look more closely at common items found in nature.

  • What’s Happening in the Natural World Around You?  A brainstorming activity that will help students identify a topic to investigate.

  • What Makes a Good Research Question?  A guide that will help students refine their research questions.


The information in the sections below will help your students as they work through their projects.

  • Research Project Overview A guide to help students carry out an investigation.

  • How to Plan an Experiment  A guide for students who plan to conduct an experiment.

  • Essay Checklist A checklist to help students make sure they have met all the requirements of the contest.

  • How to Write a Bibliography For information on preparing a bibliography and the proper citing of sources see:


  • How to Avoid Plagiarism A description of what plagiarism is and how students can avoid it.

  • 2015 Judging Rubric lists the 13 categories the essays will be judged on.