2005 Winning Essays

Part of the Young Naturalist Awards Curriculum Collection.

YNA Slide 1 2005 Winners

Twelve winning essays from the 2005 contest year of the Young Naturalist Awards by students from grade 7 - 12. Winning essays ranged from the investigation of the effect of Kahili ginger on the surrounding soil and native flora in Hawaii, to the search for variable stars in two northern open clusters, to the environment of a southwestern wash.

Article The Pantano Wash: Investigating an Ecosystem How do the many trees and shrubs that live at the bottom of dry riverbeds survive flash floods? Investigate the answer with this... Article The Effect of Hedychium gardnerianum on the Surrounding Soil and Native Flora in Volcano, Hawaii For as long as she can remember, this 7th-grader from Hawaii has helped her family destroy Kahili ginger. But was she helping or... Article Exploring Earthworms' Influences on a Miniature Ecosystem An initial investigation of earthworms in her backyard led this 8th-grader from Louisiana to dig deeper—both literally and figuratively.... Article Does Effluent Water Affect the Ecosystem in Fountain Hills, Arizona? The effluent lake in Fountain Hills makes for a spectacular fountain—one that can erupt up to 560 feet. But what quality of lake... Article Tidal Pools: Bacterial Variability, Marine Life Stability One of the benefits of living in California, according to this 9th-grader, is inhabiting a environment that provides a critical link... Article Impact Study of Grovers Mill Pond and Dam Reconstruction on Big Bear Brook Decades after the fictitious Martian visit in the War of the Worlds broadcast, Grovers Mill, New Jersey, is undergoing a very real... Article The World Through a Bat's Ears This 10th-grader from New York first became fascinated with bats when she observed their "magical movements" in Israel's... Article Dance of the Moons Find out how this 10th-grader from Oregon was able to take the back-and-forth motion he observed in Jupiter's moons and use it to... Article Troubled Waters: A Six-Month Longitudinal Study of the Spanish Fork River System This 11th-grader discovered a dramatic drop in the water quality along Utah's Spanish Fork River. Follow along as she investigates... Article Environmental Effects of Industrial Run-off on Daphnia magna With this 11th-grader from Iowa, investigate a former munitions and nuclear weaponry plant that was placed on the EPA's Superfund... Article Got Cats? Get Worms! Meet a 12th-grader from Louisiana who's seeking an environmentally friendly solution to animal waste. His motivation? Ten family... Article A Search for Variable Stars in Two Northern Open Clusters: NGC 381 and NGC 637 Because professional observatories can rarely offer the large blocks of time needed to search for variable stars, this 12th-grader...