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Warm Forecast for Coral Reefs Google+ Hangout

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**This event has already occurred, but you can watch the recording on YouTube.**

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2013 tied for the fourth-warmest year on record. How did coral reefs fare—and what might be in store for them as the climate continues to warm?

Two coral reef specialists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will explore these questions and more at an upcoming Google+ Hangout hosted by the American Museum of Natural History’s Science Bulletins program. Join us on April 9, 2014 between 3:30 and 4:15PM EST and meet:

Mark Eakin, NOAA

Dr. Mark Eakin, coordinator of NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch program

Ruben van Hooidonk, NOAA

Dr. Ruben van Hooidonk, assistant scientist with NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory and the University of Miami’s Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies.

The Hangout will highlight a soon-to-be-released data visualization about corals and climate change, designed for informal education at museums and science centers. The visualization will also available for programming on NOAA’s Science on a Sphere (SOS)® spherical display system. Check back on this page next week to watch the visualization before attending the Hangout.

Drs. Eakin and van Hooidonk will discuss how they monitor climate change risks to reefs and make projections about their future. The panel will also share recent evidence about how corals may adapt to heat stress and how that might influence their resilience in the face of future change.

The Hangout will also offer tips for interpreting the visualization with educational and museum audiences. The researchers will also answer your questions, which you can ask during the Hangout through Google+ or YouTube, or via the Twitter hashtag #coralviz.

Funding for this visualization and professional development training is provided by NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant number NA10SEC0080014.