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Worlds Beyond Earth Educators’ Evening

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Colored lines in different patterns are used to depict Earth's protective magnetic field. A still from Worlds Beyond Earth that depicts our planet’s protective magnetic field, which is generated by Earth’s hot, dynamic core.

Join us on Friday, February 7th for an evening event celebrating our newest space show, Worlds Beyond Earth. This is an opportunity for teachers to see the show, hear from the curator, network with other educators, and gather resources on how to use the show with their students.

Participants will receive Educator Guides and related K–12 student activities that can be used to facilitate a Museum learning experience during a field trip.

Narrated by Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Worlds Beyond Earth takes viewers on an exhilarating journey that reveals the surprisingly dynamic nature of the worlds that orbit our Sun and the unique conditions that make life on our planet possible.

While humans have not yet ventured beyond the Moon, Worlds Beyond Earth celebrates the extraordinary Age of Exploration carried out by robotic explorers over the past 50 years.

With each probe and spacecraft launched into the unknown, gathering data and sending it back to Earth, scientists have discovered the surprisingly dynamic, active, and varied nature of the worlds that share our solar system, gaining a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of our home planet in the process.

Worlds Beyond Earth takes viewers on a remarkable journey around our solar neighborhood to explore whether there really is no place like home.


4:00–4:20 pm      Sign in and Reception

4:20–4:45 pm      Resource Tables

4:45–5:00 pm      Welcome

5:00–5:40 pm      Introduction to the Show Dr. Denton Ebel

5:40–7:00 pm      Space Show Viewing Resource Tables

Worlds Beyond Earth is dedicated to the memory of
Charles Hayden in celebration of his birth and made possible by
the generous support of the Charles Hayden Foundation.