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Creating Common Core Aligned Museum Learning Experiences for Grades 6-12: Earth Science

February 17, 2015

Dynamic Earth

The Dynamic Earth section of the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth

AMNH / R. Mickens

This three part workshop provides grades 6-12 teachers with the tools to design, execute and evaluate successful science and literacy aligned Museum learning experiences around the topic of plate tectonics:

  1. During the February 17th session, participants will explore and engage with Museum resources, collaborate with colleagues and Museum educators and design a plan for an engaging Museum visit that incorporates a pre, during and post visit model and identifies student learning outcomes.
  2. Upon completion of the first session, Museum educators will support teachers in completing a related visit to the Museum with their students in the interim between sessions.
  3. The May 9th session will provide teachers with the opportunity to review the effectiveness of their trip model, related teaching strategies and assessment of student work.

Participants must attend both workshop dates, complete a related field trip to the Museum in the Spring of 2015 and be willing to participate in workshop evaluation follow-up.