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Using Educator’s Guides to Teach Secondary Earth Science

March 26, 2013

In this one-day workshops, middle and high school teachers will explore ways to use the revised Educator’s Guide for the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth. This hall presents amazing objects for examining essential questions about Earth Science. During the session we will look at ways to uncover student misconceptions and engage in and discuss pre-, during, and post-visit activities for middle and high school field trips.

 Activities in the Educator’s Guide for Hall of Planet Earth use a jigsaw strategy to address rock types; earthquakes, volcanoes and mountain building that result from plate tectonics; and the evolution of the earth as recorded in the rock record. These activities will be modeled during the workshop along with strategies for probing students’ prior understandings and misconceptions. Discussions with colleagues will provide an opportunity for teachers to differentiate lessons for their students.

 Teachers will receive copies of the Educator’s Guide as well as a set of resources that include, essays, videos, scientific journal articles, and a flash drive containing digital resources such as SMART board materials and images from the exhibits. In addition teachers will take home a volume of pre-instruction assessment probes from the Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series.

This workshop is for teachers of grades 6-12.

 Stipend available.

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Funding for the Educator’s Guides has been provided through the generous support of The Louis Calder Foundation.