Adventures in Science

Adventures: Science Selections (Grade 2 and 3) - February School Break Camps

February 20, 2018 - February 23, 2018

Adventures: Science Selections
Tuesday–Friday February 20 - 23
9 am–4 pm | Each Day: $125 ($115 Members)

In this survey of the sciences, campers will participate in investigative projects exploring concepts in different fields of research every day. Learn how to look at the world through the eyes of a scientist, for one or two days or all days!


Tuesday  — AstroAdventures: Extraordinary Moons
The moons in our solar system are many and varied. Some hide oceans under their icy surface while others rain sulfuric acid! Explore the origins of these worlds and the questions surrounding their potential for life.

Wednesday — GeoAdventures: Shaking, Quaking Earth
Millions of years of shifting, shaking, and shattering crust have created the varied landscapes we see on Earth. Explore how plate tectonics, thousands of miles beneath our feet, shape what we see on the surface.

Thursday  — PaleoAdventures: Unearthing Duck-Billed Dinosaurs
Our understanding of all dinosaurs has changed over time, from the way they walk, to what certain fossils really are! Unravel the puzzle of hadrosaurs and take a journey to discover how we’ve transformed our understanding of these unique creatures.

Friday — BioAdventures: Life of a North American Forest
Can you see the forest for the trees? Explore the inner workings of the trees around you, the variety of forests in North America, and how they collectively create the story of an ecosystem.