Adventures in Science

Adventures: Science Selections (Grades 2 and 3)

April 11, 2017 - April 14, 2017

Brown Bear

Brown bears like this one spend up to half of the year in hibernating to conserve energy. 


Grades 2 and 3 - Spring Break Camp

April 11–14
9 am–4 pm | Each Day: $125 ($115 Members)

In this survey of the sciences, campers will participate in investigative projects exploring concepts in different fields of research every day. Learn how to look at the world through the eyes of a scientist, for one or two days or the whole week!

Tuesday—BioAdventures: What About Whales
Wednesday—PaleoAdventures: Taking on Titanosaur
Thursday—GeoAdventures: Hydrothermal Heat
Friday—AstroAdventures: A Universe of Stars