“Nature’s Superheroes” Biodiversity Comic Book Project for 4th Grade Students

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 The Science and Nature Program’s students age 9 and 10 spend a term learning about “Nature’s Superheroes,” the unexpected and often underappreciated species that help our planet. Students study the “superpower” adaptations of these species, such as the acidic stomach of the vulture or the poisonous skin of dart frogs. They look at the “villains” that threaten the superheroes’ existence, like the deforestation of trees and the chytrid fungus that is threatening amphibians. Understanding the important ecosystem services these “superheroes” provide gives us more reason to work to save them. After learning about a variety of organisms who act as “superheroes,” the students create their own comic strip about an animal or plant superhero of their choice. We invite you to review the work of the Fellowship of Young Scientists after school classes below.


Child's drawings of The Person Who Saved The Tree, from 2013 Biodiversity Comic Book

Fall 2013 Edition of the Biodiveristy Comic Book


Spring 2014 Edition of the Biodiversity Comic Book


Nature's Superheroes Image 3

Fall 2014 Edition of the Biodiversity Comic Book


Nature's Superheroes Spring 2015 Image

Spring 2015 Edition of the Biodiversity Comic Book