The Frontiers Lectures highlight the latest advances in our knowledge of the universe by presenting the work of scientists working at the cutting edge of astrophysics.

The Hayden Planetarium has assembled the world’s largest cosmic atlas, extending from the Earth to the edges of the observable universe. Combined with the brilliant stars of the Zeiss Mark IX star projector Astronomy Live programs offer an interactive tour of the universe and a view of the constantly changing night sky.


Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate
Coming February 13, 2018!

Due to the growing popularity of this event tickets will be distributed through a lottery this year with a 2 ticket per person limit. Registration for the lottery is now open through Friday, December 15, 5 pm. For more information or to enter the lottery, visit the page here

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Support for Hayden Planetarium Programs is provided by the Schaffner Family and the Horace W. Goldsmith Endowment Fund.

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