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Mirroring Mead: Filming Culture in Anthropology

February 22, 2017

Margaret Mead Film Festival, October 13-16 2016

Margaret Mead Film Festival October 13-16 2016


How do you capture a culture on film? Start by creating your own visual short! Explore films screened at past Margaret Mead Film Festivals and learn about the methodology of ethnographic film while creating a short “mini-doc” using the American Museum of Natural History as your field site.

In addition to her work as a curator and researcher at the American Museum of Natural History, Margaret Mead was a pioneer in the use of film and photography as a medium for cross-cultural understanding and communication. Mead’s legacy in visual anthropology has continued with the Margaret Mead Film Festival, started in 1977and still running strong today. Learn how anthropologists continue a tradition that shapes how we see our world, and be a part of the visual conversation!

Date: Wednesday February 22, 10am-5pm