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Explorations of Nature - Bank Street (SCIE 510)

Part of Graduate and Undergraduate Courses

A natural scene of a shoreline of reedy estuary with a copse of trees in the background.

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the scientific exploration of the natural world through a review of the fundamental discoveries and principles of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Earth and Space Sciences. The course is organized around common principles of scientific inquiry such as observation and experiment. As we discuss various concepts in the physical and life sciences, we will frame our work by issues such as what types of questions can be answered through scientific investigation, how such an investigation is designed, and the insights and limitations offered by experimental data. Once students understand the nature of science and its practice, we will explore some of the overarching themes that appear throughout the scientific disciplines, such as the concepts of systems, models, constancy and change, time and space scales, evidence and explanation. This course extends the traditional classroom lecture/discussion structure by requiring an experiential component to engage students in museum investigations. It is our belief that through readings, activities, and discussions, students will consider science in its proper light as a unique way of knowing and understanding the natural world. Course meets at AMNH for eight sessions. Learn more at Bank Street College.


Dr. Adriana Aquino (AMNH) and guest speakers