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Informal Science Education - Teachers College (MSTC 4852 / CRN 51020)

Part of Graduate and Undergraduate Courses

Dr. Maritza Macdonald at podium giving a lecture to her graduate students

This course is designed to introduce K-12 educators to the meaning, institutions, programs, and research related to “Informal Science” in a variety of contexts: research museums, interactive science centers, online learning structures, and in a variety of community settings. The semester includes museum lectures, focus study in exhibitions, the online review of resources, written and reading assignments, and field weekends at the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Hall of Science. During the semester, participants attend scientific lectures at AMNH and receive Museum memberships to facilitate access and continued study.


Course includes 3 full day sessions at AMNH and 1 full day session at NYSCI.

Dr. Maritza Macdonald (AMNH)
Dr. Robert Steiner (AMNH)
TA Sarah Ingraham