Denton S. Ebel

Man kneels in soil among small stones near opening to small cave-like dugout. Holds specimen in gloved hand. Wears windbreaker, hat, boots, backpack.

Curator and Professor
Physical Sciences, Earth and Planetary Sciences

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  • Purdue University, Ph.D., 1993
  • Purdue University, M.S., 1988
  • Harvard College, B.A., 1982

Research Interests

Dr. Ebel is a geologist specializing in meteorites: pieces of planets, and "left-overs" from the formation of the solar system. The distant, resource-rich asteroid belt is his field area. He develops thermodynamic models describing the equilibrium distribution of elements between fully speciated gas, liquid, and solid mineral phases at high temperatures. His models describe the outcomes of condensation, evaporation, and crystallization processes affecting the solids and liquid droplets that combined in the oldest meteorites. Dr. Ebel is a leader in using x-ray CAT-scan imaging to obtain 3-dimensional information about meteorites, lunar materials, and samples returned by NASA missions.

Teaching Experience

  • Faculty Appointments: Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, NY
  • Graduate Advisees: Thorbjeorn Shoenbeck, University of Cologne
  • Graduate Committees: Joseph Boesenberg, Rutgers University; Antonio Buono, Geology, Columbia University NY

Exhibition and Outreach Activities

  • Education and Public Outreach Supplement: Thermochemistry and Petrology of Early Solar System Materials,”February 1, 2003 – January 31, 2006
  • Curator, Ross Hall of Meteorites, AMNH


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