School Residency

School residencies take place between September and June at middle and high schools in New York City or Yonkers, NY. Residents will spend fall and spring semesters at different host schools, and attend four full days a week. Each of the host schools will be supported by a museum faculty member with extensive experience teaching science, supervising or coaching teachers, and/or working as a Science AP. The responsibilities of these Senior Specialists in Science and Teacher Education include:

  • mentoring Residents to implement best practices in the classroom;
  • selecting (with school leaders) and supporting the teacher-mentors who will be working with novice Residents;
  • co-teaching (with research scientists) the academic courses that support the teaching applications required of Residents;
  • regular coaching of school mentors at school or museum; and
  • serving as Museum liaison between the host schools and the Museum.

Before being placed in the first host school, Residents spend the summer as teaching assistants to students enrolled in science programs at the Museum. In addition, along with school mentors, Residents will learn about student data-driven instruction, and also about TESOL skills, in order to scaffold science learning for ELL students. Throughout their residencies, Residents study how to use data to improve instruction, both at their host schools and in program-specific workshops. They also participate in professional development at residency schools, student and family programs, and all regular school activities required of teachers.

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