Agnieszka Pierwola

photo of Agnieszka Pierwola

Aga received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Loyola University in Chicago and a master’s degree in Teaching Science from Brooklyn College. As an undergraduate she pursued research in microbiology, which resulted in a first-author publication on bacteria produced compounds called siderophores.  During her Master of Teaching program at Brooklyn College she conducted educational research on teaching evolution. This research culminated in a co-authored publication in a Journal of Cultural Studies of Science Education.

Shortly after obtaining her Masters she became certified in teaching Biology for grades 7-12, and worked at a New York City public transfer high school where she taught Biology, Earth Science and Environmental Science. Aga joined the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) Education team in June 2015 as part of the Museum Learning Experiences team.

Aga is a avid nature enthusiast. In her spare time, she works on expanding her aquatic insect collection. Because of her dual background in science and education along with a passion for the natural world, Aga is dedicated to place-based education and helping students discover, care for, and protect the world around them.