Arline Lee

photo of Arline Lee standing outside near trees

Arline Lee rediscovered her childhood love of science in college when she started volunteering at the AMNH and has since spent her time trying to bring the curiosity and excitement that comes with exploration to the public. She has her Masters Degree in the History and Communication of Science from NYU. Her thesis focused on how science fiction film creates, deconstructs, and reflects myths of science. She is now a graduate student at the University of Chicago studying Education and Science Studies.

Prior to moving to Chicago with her pup Gallifrey, Arline was the Adventures in Science Coordinator for Curriculum and Teaching at the American Museum of Natural History where she delighted in bringing a range of science curricula to children and families through surprising, challenging, and unique experiences. While at the AMNH, she also worked on coordinating a high school internship program, teaching middle school workshops, engaging with the public in exhibition performances, facilitating internal professional development curricula, and collaborating and prototyping future exhibition interactives. These experiences have contributed to her love of bringing and teaching science to all people. She is excited to bring her love of curiosity and exploration to these classes!