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DIY Astronomy - Science Research Course

Part of After School Program


What are the most important telescopes in and above the world? How do you turn a real image from a telescope into usable data? What information can you pull from these data? From telescopes to modern computing techniques, in this course you will learn how astronomers get and analyze their data. Learn how to measure the distance to a star, find and classify a variable star, and more! Explore Unix, SuperMongo, IRAF and other computer tools that astronomers use every day. 

This course is a pre-requisite for both the Astrophysics and Earth/Planetary Science tracks in the Museum’s Science Research Mentoring Program (SRMP). The course is offered free-of-charge.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Meeting Dates: : 2/25, 2/27, 3/4, 3/6, 3/11, 3/13, 3/18, 3/20, 3/25, 3/27, 4/1, 4/3