Teen SciCafe: Wild Microbes

Part of Teen SciCafe

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Close up of coyote.  
Flickr/L. Lamsa

Speaker: Claudia Wultsch

Topic: Can microbes help us save species in danger? When most of us think of wildlife conservation, we don’t think about the microscopic life inside of animals. AMNH Scientist Claudia Wultsch, working with the City University of New York, the Gotham Coyote Project, and Panthera is tracking down the map to the microbiome of wild carnivores. Find out how microbes can help biologists improve the conservation, health, and management of wildlife, and see how Dr. Wultsch’s work with teen mentees in the Science Research Mentoring Program is uncovering surprising new information about New York’s City’s coyotes!


Students 14 and over

(Adults 21 and over should RSVP for our monthly SciCafe events.)


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