Arthropod Morphology
Front View of an Insect (Grasshopper) Head

Ocellus: Tiny simple eye that detects differences in light intensity.
Compound eye: Large faceted eye.
Antenna: Segmented appendage attached to the head above the mouthparts, with important sensory functions, including touch, smell, and in some cases hearing.
Gena: The sides of the head below the compound eyes.
Frons: The front part of the head between the compound eyes and the mouthparts.
Clypeus: A part of the head in between the frons and the labrum.
Mandible: The part of the jaw used for chewing.
Labrum: The upper jaw, just below the clypeus.
Labium: The lower jaw.
Palps: Segmented structures that extend from the maxillae and labium.

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