Arthropod Identification Key
Heteroptera Features:
  1. Front wings a rigid or leathery covering for clear hind wings (wings sometimes missing)
  2. Front wings with clear tips (hemelytra), overlapping at rest, revealing a triangular panel on the back (scutellum)
  3. Sucking mouthparts in the form of a rigid beak

Glossary (check illustrations in Resources if necessary):

Abdomen: The posterior section of the body containing the reproductive and digestive organs.
Antennae (singular antenna): Segmented appendages attached to the head above the mouth.
Cerci (singular cercus): The pair of appendages at the end of the abdomen.
Closed cell: A part of the wing completely enclosed by veins.
Femora (singular femur): Third segments of the legs, between the trochanters and the tibiae.
Hemelytra (singular hemelytron): The front wings of heteroptera, with clear tips.
Ocelli (singular ocellus): Tiny simple eyes that detect differences in light intensity.
Pronotum: The plate that forms the upper section of the prothorax.
Scutellum: The plate (usually triangular, but sometimes rounded) behind the pronotum.
Tarsi (singular tarsus): The leg segment after the tibia, often divided into several sections.
Tibiae (singular tibia): Fourth segments of the legs, between the femora and the tarsi.

Terrestrial Heteroptera
Key A
Aquatic or Semiaquatic Heteroptera
Key B