Other Methods to Capture Arthropods

  • If the arthropod is a crawling, walking, clinging, or generally slow-moving type, try nudging it gently into your container with a soft paintbrush or cotton swab. Some collectors are adept at picking up arthropods with blunt-nosed tweezers, but it takes a very gentle touch not to injure or kill the creature. Wear thin, surgical-type gloves if you want to try to pick up slow movers with your hands, both to protect yourself and to protect the animal from contaminants on your skin.

  • Literally beating the bushes (or the trees) is another technique used for gathering arthropods. Spread a light-colored sheet, tablecloth, large piece of paper, or an opened upside-down umbrella under the plant. Then give the bush or tree a great thwack with a heavy stick, being careful not to injure the plant, of course. The surprised arthropods won't have time to grab onto the plant and will fall onto your cloth below.

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