Earth: Inside and Out
Rock Deformation Gallery

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"In our common, everyday experience, rocks fracture. In other words, we hit a rock with a hammer and it breaks. But given enough time, and especially heat, rocks can also flow."
-- Edmond A. Mathez, Curator, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, American Museum of Natural History
Illustrations from the Hall of Planet Earth
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deformed_th.gif deforming_th.gif
Deformed Rocks
Deforming Rocks in the Laboratory:
Deformed Marble Cylinders
Deformed Conglomerate in the Hall of Planet Earth
Ductility of Rocks
deform_conglom_th.jpg Deformed Conglomerate
A deformed conglomerate sample in the Hall of Planet Earth...
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Marble Deformation
deform_closeup_th.jpg Detailed Look at the Deformed Marble Conglomerate
Close-up of a deformed conglomerate. Rounded pebbles...
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deform_cylinders_th.jpg Detailed Look at Deformed Cylinders
Series of deformed marble cylinders...
Deformed Conglomerate: Collecting and Preparing
deform_field_th.jpg Deformed Conglomerate Boulder in the Field
A deformed conglomerate boulder in the field in Ontario...
deform_collect1_th.jpg Collecting the Deformed Conglomerate
Museum scientist Dr. Heather Sloan supervises the removal of a boulder...
deform_collect2.html Measuring the Deformed Conglomerate for Exhibition
A deformed conglomerate boulder at the Conneticut Quarry...