Diversity of Fishes
Photo Gallery: Bashford Dean
Bashford Dean
Bashford Dean (1876-1928)

Bashford Dean had an illustrious and curious dual career. As a young man, he assisted Prof. J. S. Newberry with studies of Devonian fishes, particularly giant armored placoderms and primitive sharks from Ohio.

Dean published profusely on the evolution of fishes and of medieval armor, and was widely considered an authority in both subjects. He must have doubly enjoyed the study of ancient armored fishes.

Dean was associated with both the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum from 1903 until his death, and at times he served as a curator at both institutions.

Dean's interest in arms and armor led him to accumulate a magnificent collection that was eventually acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dean was instrumental in establishing the Dean Library at the AMNH and published over 300 popular and scientific papers.