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The Crab Spider (Family Thomisidae)
The Orb Weaver Spider (Family Araneidae)
The Black Widow Spider (Family Theridiidae)
The Wolf Spider (Family Lycosidae)
The Jumping Spider (Family Salticidae)
The Ground Spider (Family Gnaphosidae)

The Orb Weaver Spider (Family Araneidae)

The orb weaver...
Orb weaver spiders create the webs that we associate with "typical" spider webs. We highlight these beautiful webs as a great example of spider silk and its many uses, starting here with a spider's most common use -- webs.

The orb weaving spiders craft the familiar "garden variety" structures that most people picture when they think of spider webs. With its legs poised on silken strands, the orb-weaver waits to feel the vibrations travelling down the threads from its struggling prey. The orb weaver then pounces onto the prey and subdues it with a venomous bite. For the final step, the orb weaver spider wraps its paralyzed prey in constricting silk.

How many species?
Approximately 3,500
In your backyard?
Nearly 200 species north of Mexico
Around the world?
Found on every continent, except Antarctica

In the right...