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Teachers who take courses through Seminars on Science have overwhelmingly praised the program for its exciting content, rigorous academics, wonderful instructors, and the convenience of its online course structure. Many teachers come back to explore further courses in subsequent semesters.

"The course scientist was very effective in his ability to ask questions that raised were both poignant and thought provoking. His understanding of current knowledge on the topic was especially helpful in navigating the major ideas of the course. Through working with him I personally felt as though I had a connection to the most current research and academia."
—high school biology teacher, Fall 2007

"The content, the textbook, links, and interactives will all be very useful in my teaching. And my course-mates provided some great insight into how they teach evolution in their classrooms."

—middle school science teacher,
    Fall 2007

"The other participants were really engaging so we were able to delve into the readings at a deeper level. I loved the tree building activity and the sex and the single guppy activity. I will be using them in my class. The whole course gave me a better understanding of evolution for my classroom teaching and a framework within which to teach evolution. I LOVED this class!!!"
—high school biology teacher, Fall 2007

"This was my first online course. I felt that the discussions were great. In a traditional class I don't get as much independent thought. It opened my eyes to many different ways of thinking about evolution."
—high school biology teacher, Summer 2007

Excellent preparation to provide top-quality, current, and pertinent materials. Course scientists and instructors were highly interested in the topic.
—elementary school science teacher, Summer 2007

Inverness Research Associates, a national, independent educational research organization, assessed the Seminars on Science program as "outstanding." Four out of five teachers who took the courses reported mastering significant new material, gaining a better sense of how science is conducted, and acquiring valuable resources. Eighty percent rated Seminars on Science as good or better than other professional development programs.
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