Seminars on Science
Amie Thompson

Amie Thompson has long been interested in Science. In 2000 Amie graduated from Northern Illinois University and realized her dream of teaching science to others. She teaches middle school science in Aurora, IL. Amie also enjoys working with other teachers to get them out of the 2 x 4 (2 covers of a book and 4 walls of the classroom). She is a facilitator for teacher workshops from Project WILD and Project Learning Tree.

Amie Foster spends the summer above the 66th parallel in the Arctic Circle.
Amie Thompson spends the summer above the 66th parallel in the Arctic Circle. ©AMNH

Mrs. Thompson was one of twelve teachers in the nation selected for the TEA (Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic) program sponsored by NSF. Amie spent part of April and most of July 2003 in the Arctic Circle working with Dr. Lisa Clough from East Carolina University. The team studied the local food web, global warming and the impacts of sewage dumping. Amie emailed her students and others from around the country, kept daily online science journals and held teleconferences from the field.

In 2005 she was able to join other teachers in Mexico to study Mt. Popocatepetl and other volcanic sites. Study of the emergency preparedness operations and the Mexican school system completed the program. She works with teachers to bring real science into classrooms and help them implement inquiry-based units and differentiated instruction. She has also written programs to help teachers teach technology and use it effectively. In 2007 she got her Master’s in Educational Administration and is looking forward to beginning her Doctoral work.

When she is away from school she enjoys biking, traveling, antiqueing and spending time with her husband Mike and her four off-spring, Logan, Rachelle, Sheah and Ian.

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