Seminars on Science
Diana Andrusco

Zohar Ris
Diana (at right) runs a workshop for high school teachers. ©AMNH

I am a graduate of the Earth Inside Out Seminars on Science Course as well as a member of the first class to graduate from the Trust program at Lehman college in 2005.  The Trust program under the guidance of Heather Sloan and Martitza McDonald allowed me to work closely with the museum educators and staff.  I have used the museum as a viable resource to strengthen my students in their advancement in Living Environment and Earth Science.

In the spring of 2005 I was granted the opportunity to present to NYC teachers, a unit of my curriculum at the museum under the advisement of Mr. John Barrell.  I am certified to teach 6-12th grade Living Environment and Earth Science in New York State.  I spent 1 ½ years teaching science/math in a junior high school Paramount California but returned home to good old New York! I have been teaching for over ten years in New York State at various different locations including, John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft High Schools in the Bronx and currently have been at Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers for 7 years. 

I am passionate about teaching youngsters as well as work in conjunction with outside programs such as Fordham Literacy to promote motivational and best practices amongst current teachers within my district.  Currently we are working on a new project to better align district standards to curriculum maps.  I have been trained in multiple teaching styles and I am enhancing my own teaching performance by being trained in a teaching style known as Format. I received my BS from the College of New Rochelle and my MS from Lehman College (CUNY). 

I intend to hopefully oneday return to school for a degree in administration.  I enjoy online courses in that they promote a freedom that it is not seen in the classroom.  The Seminars in Science courses are especially genuine in their interaction with the museum curators and their ability to view collections from home.  I live in the Bronx, NY.  My interests include anything my two children 5 and 2 prefer to do.  Right now it appears baseball, ballet and the park are on the top of my list.  The best part of my day is night time when I get to enjoy reading for pleasure.

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