Seminars on Science
David Mindorff

David Mindorff. ©AMNH

David Mindorff has taught biology in secondary school for 15 years in such diverse locations as Hungary, Romania, Scotland and Canada.  He serves as deputy chief examiner for biology for the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization.  He also serves as the biology faculty member for the online curriculum centre, a web site which supports teachers of IB biology.  He is currently working with his co-author, Andrew Allott,  in the completion stages of a text book to be published by Oxford University Press specifically targeted to the IB syllabus.

He holds a B. Arts and Science from McMaster University, a B. Ed. from the University of Ottawa and and MSc. from the University of London, Wye College.  He teaches and coordinates the IB diploma programme at an independent school in Toronto.

He is married and has four sons.

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