Seminars on Science
Fred Ende

Fred Ende is an eighth grade science teacher in Westchester County, New York and is an avid believer in technology integration in education. Along with the eCollege program set up for Seminars on Science, Fred has worked with other distance learning tools such as Classroom Connect, and Blackboard with his students and fellow faculty members.

Fred received his B.S. in Secondary Education from Penn State University and his M.S. in Educational Technology from Pace University. Since graduating with his undergraduate degree, Fred has taught eighth grade science in a northern New York City suburb. Fred believes that teaching at the middle level is a reward in itself as there is great variety in the content that he teaches and the backgrounds that students bring to his class. Classroom topics vary from Environmental Science, to basic Physics, to general Chemistry, giving both Fred, and his students, a broad content base to work with. In addition, Fred’s academic strengths lie particularly in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science.

Fred and Laurie’s most recent trip took them on their honeymoon to St. Lucia where they spent an afternoon exploring the Pitons, two “twin” volcanic peaks outside the town of Soufriere. ©AMNH

One of the most rewarding experiences for Fred’s students is the annual stream study that he conducts. Students learn to use biological, chemical, and physical tests to determine the health of a stream that runs right through the school’s front yard (and many of the students’ yards as well)! This relevance touches on one of Fred’s key teaching tenets: Without relevance, how can one learn? In any given year, students may identify macroinvertebrates, determine pH using both chemical and probe-based tests, and calculate stream flow rate (to name a few). Fred loves seeing his students grasp the “real world” connections between ideas discussed in class and what really happens “out there.”

Fred’s technology expertise is also highly regarded. He has worked to modify his district’s technology plan and has helped to bring a number of technology-based products into the district. A recent grant Fred coauthored with another science educator resulted in the procurement of a myriad of data collection probes!

When not busy teaching, Fred enjoys “talking shop” with his wife, Laurie, an elementary school teacher. Fred and Laurie are joined by their pet chameleon, Franklin, where they live in Putnam County, New York. Fred is an avid runner, and enjoys reading books from many different genres. Fred is a die-hard Gary Larson fan, and enjoys the cartoons of Sidney Harris as well.

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