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Sebastien Lepine

Dr. Englbrecht in her submersible in Lake König, Germany. This device facilitated her research dives. ©Claudia Englbrecht
Dr. Lepine with the Museum's full-size model of the Mars Exploration Rover in the Rose Center for Earth and Space. ©AMNH

Sebastien Lepine was born in Canada in 1970. He spent most of his childhood in the Province of Quebec, occasionally spending vacationsin Vermont and Maine. In 1998, he earned a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Montreal, for which he was also awarded one of the prestigious Academic Gold Medals of the Governor General of Canada. He then moved to Baltimore, MD, to work as a post-doctoral fellow atthe Space Telescope Science institute, before being offered a research fellowship at the American Museum of Natural History.

Sebastien has authored or co-authored over 60 publications in various scientific journals. He also spends 30-40 nights per year usingvarious telescopes in Arizona and California. Currently one of the leading expert in the study of nearby stars, he is the discoverer of thousands of new star systems located within a few hundred light-years from the Sun. His current research program, supported by a grant fromthe U.S. National Science Foundation, is devoted to the identification of the estimated 350,000 stars believed to be located within 100 parsecs (326 light-years) from the Sun. Sebastien hopes to use thishuge database of nearby stars as a starting point in a massive andsystematic search for nearby extra-solar planets.

Sebastien is a proud father of three. He spends his week-ends playing with his kids, taking them on bicycle rides, to the playground, or to the local zoo. He enjoys cooking for his family, and can spin and bake a pizza from scratch in under 60 minutes. He kills time on his daily bus/subway commute reading novels or science magazines such as"Scientific American" and "Natural History". He has read the completeworks of prolific science-fiction/fantasy author Jack Vance, and is a fan of mystery novelist Dennis Lehane. Sebastien's interests also include world geography, ancient roman civilisation, and the history of World War II.

Dr. Englbrecht stands outside the American Museum of Natural History.
Sebastien, his kids, and their favorite places in the universe. ©AMNH
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