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Podcasts Podcast: SciCafe–The Future of Our Oceans with Jeremy Jackson How can our oceans recover from the decades of damage inflicted by human activity? June 20, 2019 On Exhibit posts What Fossilized Scat Shows About T. rex Bite Contents found in coprolites reveal what T. rex ate and how it consumed its prey. June 14, 2019 News Posts This Month at the Museum See what's on at the Museum in June. June 6, 2019 News Posts Glass Models of Microbes Reveal Invisible World To bring the wonders of microbial life to the public, a glassblower spent 40 years creating exquisite models for the Museum. June 4, 2019 Podcasts Podcast: SciCafe–Why Dinosaurs Matter with Diego Pol What have scientists learned from the discovery of the largest-known sauropod? May 24, 2019 Research posts Analyzing Radiocarbon in Coral, Researchers Look Back On 400 Years of Monsoons East Asian Monsoon patterns from 1584–1950 provide a way to evaluate long-term changes in important climate phenomena. May 15, 2019 Podcasts Podcast—New Science, New Solutions: How Policy Can Help Us Fight Climate Change How can the global community come together to combat the rapidly accelerating effects of climate change? May 9, 2019 Research posts Paleontologist Melanie Hopkins Awarded National Science Foundation CAREER Grant Award will go toward trilobite evolution studies and a new Earth science teacher development program. April 29, 2019 News Posts Cerulean Warblers’ Spring Migration Includes Stopover in NYC New York City birders are on the lookout for Cerulean Warblers, tiny songbirds on their way to nesting grounds farther north. April 25, 2019 Research posts Crustaceans Evolved 100 Million Years Earlier Than Thought, Study Finds Researchers used genomic analysis to reveal that decapods, a group of 15,000 crustacean species, evolved 450 million years ago. April 18, 2019 On Exhibit posts Mega-Predator T. rex Had Super Senses Find out how heightened senses allowed T. rex to rise to the top of the food chain. April 18, 2019 Podcasts Podcast: SciCafe—Microbial Worlds of the Deep Sea with Jeffrey Marlowe Tiny microbes living in the deep sea have an enormous impact on the health of the oceans and the planet at large. April 18, 2019
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